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Land Title Registration In Ghana

There is a system under which an authoritative record is kept of the title to a particular parcel of land in a register. This system is different from registration of instruments under Act 122; for where title to land is registered, it is the land register and land certificate which...

Smart Home Ownership, rethinking your dream house

This isn’t an abnormal scenario for young home builders/buyers today. The details will vary of course. However the common themes are these: Stretching financially to build or buy the right home Justifying the “investment” for health, happiness, and visions of family bliss Shackling yourself financially to one housing decision for...

Greening Ghana -Infrastructural Development

The concept of Green Development is where ecology meets real estate to assure the healthiest possible environment. Such outcome is achieved by representing the most efficient and least disruptive use of landGreen development therefore bridges two important concepts: Environmentalism and Development This document or post attempts to identify and explore...

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